Buying with the Severna Park Team

The Severna Park Team of Cummings & Co Realtors has been formed specifically to help homebuyers understand why Severna Park is such a great community to live in, and to help those buyers find the right neighborhood and home.  Our team is:

LOCALEach of our team members lives in one of Severna Park’s great communities;
FOCUSEDThe goal of our team is to serve clients who want to buy a home in Severna Park.  While real estate agents generally will not focus on only a single market, we believe that Severna Park is a wholly unique community that requires a singular focus in order to best be able to understand the market;
EXPERIENCEDTeam leader Eric McPhee has nearly a decade of experience buying, selling and renovating houses and has been one of the sales leaders in the Cummings & Co brokerage each of the last two years;
INVOLVEDOur team members are actively involved in the Severna Park community acting as volunteers in local schools, swimming pools, youth sport leagues (Green Hornets), the Severna Park Mom’s Club and neighborhood boards of directors; and
EXPERTOur focus on Severna Park means that we will be able to answer all of your questions and be sure to find the best fit for you here!


In addition to providing you the best service possible in this market, we also provide that service at no cost to you.  While most all agents will charge you an administrative fee of $375-$500 per transaction, we never charge any administrative fee on any purchases or sales in Severna Park!

If you have determined that you are ready to make Severna Park your new home, please fill out the form below to get more information about how the Severna Park Team of Cummings & Co Realtors can help you!


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